Brows by Steve | For The Best Brows in Sydney.
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The Brows by Steve philosophy is built on exceptional customer experience: “It’s never been about a client conveyor belt,

the dollars or the time,” he says, “it’s all about the client, their experience with me, and their personal wow factor”.


And that’s precisely what makes Steve different: he not only practices the lost art of client relationships, honest

communication and genuine connection – he’s built his business on being the best at it. Each client feels as much

a part of the family as his Maltese­-Shih Tzu pup, Poppers, who is ever-present, keeping a watchful (fluffy) eye over

the proceedings, making sure his master is doing the job right.


There’s no pretence, exclusion or feeling like you don’t belong – everyone is welcome in the Brows by Steve family.

In Steve’s chair you know you’re in the capable hands of someone you can trust, who will listen to your concerns, and who

genuinely wants you to love what you see in the mirror. Steve believes it’s everyone’s right to have great brows and

he’ll do what it takes to deliver them to you.


The Brows by Steve experience is truly bespoke. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting your best brows.

Steve’s consultation will uncover what shape is best for your face, taking into account inherited genetic traits,

plucking history, loves, hates, and lifestyle. He’ll assess your features and hair growth to determine the

best shape to give you brow-wow. When you emerge from a session with Steve, you’ll not only look, but feel different.

People will tell you how great you look, they’ll know there’s something different about you – even if they

can’t put their finger on it. That’s why you go to Brows by Steve.


Contact us to discuss how you can get the perfect brows with Steve today.