The case for brow-tinting |
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The case for brow-tinting

We colour our hair, tan our legs, so why fear brow-tinting? Those with very fair hair, blessed with brows we’ll call “invisi-brows” know the difference a good tint can make, as it instantly give the face a frame rather than brows blending into the background.  However, it’s not just fair haired people that benefit; it’s also effective for greys, inconsistent brow colour and summer-bleached arches.


Tinting colour into the brows is a great way to see – and make the most of – what you have. It evens out variations, helps blend new finer growth into a fuller, thicker shape and can enhance your arch with depth and definition. But, as always don’t try this at home! Tinting should be done professionally, using the darkest tones in your main hair colour as a guide and should also match your hair and skin tones.

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