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Meet Steve Supple

Steve is Sydney’s International “arch-angel”. He’s the guy responsible for great brows on both sides of the globe for over 10 years. He’s the guy that will give you an instant facelift – minus the surgery. He’s the guy that’ll give you such great arches, you’ll stop to check yourself out in shop windows. He’s your new brow guy.



New Zealand born Steve was not always the eyebrow guru he’s known as today. In fact, for years he trained as a dancer (no surprise to those who know him) appearing in many different performances, including the West End production of Starlight Express.

His time on stage gave Steve an appreciation of personal grooming and a last minute backstage brow-groom for a fellow performer became the catalyst for what would be his future career. One brow shape for a friend, turned into multiple requests, and after years in show business Steve decided to forge a career as a beauty therapist. After training at The London College of Beauty Therapy he opened his own business in central London specializing in treatments for men.

Shortly after he was offered a management position at one of London’s most reputable salons – Michael John in Mayfair – and from there he moved to work with International stylist, Trevor Sorbie, in Covent Garden.

Exciting as these roles were, Steve craved close client connections and so accepted a position created for him at Shavata Brow Studio in the London department store, Harrods. Here, he honed his skills and developed a reputation as a specialist technician, designing eyebrows with a combination of waxing and tweezing, combined with tinting and lash work. He later studied and added threading – an ancient hair removal technique – to his repertoire.

With a growing reputation as one of London’s most sought after brow technicians, Steve gained a loyal celebrity following and a devoted clientele who sought out his expertise, professionalism and attention to detail.

Steve left the UK and relocated to Sydney in 2008 creating his eponymous business Brows by Steve. The Australian market welcomed him with open arms with loyal clients from all over the country and a dedicated media following in all major fashion, lifestyle and health media.

But, it’s not just his outstanding skills and ability to make everyone look like a better version of themselves that sees his clients return – it’s much more. It’s his passion. It’s his unique brand of charm and humour. It’s the way he makes every customer feel like they’re a celebrity. It’s the jazz hands, the sparkle, the warmth – it’s the “Steveness” that keeps you coming back time and time again.

For all appointments, call Steve direct on 0458 155 307 and get your own set of unforgettable brows.



Any client who enters the Brows by Steve studio is immediately welcomed – and charmed – by Poppers, Steve’s Maltese Shitzu pup. A part of the Brows by Steve team since his birth in 2009, he has been an integral part of every salon that his dad has worked at.

Poppers takes his roles as meet and greet specialist and head of customer cuddles very seriously. He greets each client with an excited tail wag, and will follow them through to the brow studio to ensure their safe arrival. Once there, he will oversee his Dad’s work from his fluffy throne, or sometimes take a nap… after all being so fabulous can be exhausting. When not undertaking these tasks, he can be found socialising on the salon floor, or glamorously lounging on the waiting sofa.

With an advanced diploma in complete cuteness, Poppers knows just how to make every client feel special, and even the most stressed person will walk about with a smile after a Poppers-prescribed cuddle.

In addition to his responsibilites, he’s also personally taken on the position of Chief Executive Guard Dog, warding off any scary reflection (even his own) from entering the salon.

But of all his roles, his favourite is that of furry son and best buddy to Steve. The pair are inseparable, and when not at the studio, they can often be found lunching at the Brewhouse or cuddled up watching movies at home.